Our Beard Oils

The Green Brothers’ beard oils are handcrafted in France
with 100% vegetable oils and organic essential oils

fast and accurate shipping

Beard oil made in France

Beard oil 100% handmade

Beard oil with organic essential oils

Cruelty Free certified beard oil

Real men don’t hurt animals

At the Green Brothers, we have always been opposed to any form of animal experimentation. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with natural products that have never been tested on any animal. The Green Brothers beard oils are composed of vegetable oils not tested on animals. Cruelty free is the only true warranty recognized worldwide.

Vegan Beard Oil

Our beard oils are composed of Vegan vegetable oils

Our beard oils are vegan, they do not contain ingredients of animal origin and have never been tested on animals. We are proud to be able to participate and involve our customers in the purchase of a vegan product that is not a source of suffering for animals.

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