To maintain your beard

Beard trimmers

We offer wireless beard trimmers so you can maintain the length of your hair.

Bearded smoothing machine

To keep your coat smooth and disciplined, the beard smoothener is perfect for this mission.

Combs & brushes

The Green Brothers’ combs and brushes are specially designed so you can take them everywhere.

The bearded apron

The bearded apron prevents you from putting hair all over the sink and allows you to stay focused on your hair.

For a hair shave

Electric shaver

The beard trimmer to take with you everywhere so that your beard stays at the perfect length for you.

Electric shaver #1

You need it ? Order it

Electric shaver #2

The beard trimmer for mens

Bearded apron

Stop the hair everywhere!

Multi-sided beard comb

beard brush

Multi-sided beard comb for the most unruly hairs. This bearded comb engraved with the Green Brothers logo can also be personalized with the word of your choice.

The Green Brothers beard brush is soft and pleasant for your beard. It scratches you, tickles you slightly enough to ask for more and above all allows you to have a well coifed beard.

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