Black and silver wireless beard trimmer


Wireless beard and hair trimmer ideal for drawing the contours of your beard and mustache. Easy to use, this beard trimmer is perfect for three-day and even one-year-old beards. One last piece of advice, never shave your white beard, use a beard trimmer to clear up all this and let your hair continue to grow freely.

This beard trimmer is supplied with:

1 head for nose hair
1 bearded razor head
3 sabots : 6cm – 9cm – 12cm
1 brush for the beard trimmer
1 charging cable

Color: black
Design: ergonomic
Battery: Rechargeable battery 600mA 1.2V or AA battery
Operating time: 1h
Full recharging time: 8h
Washable head

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Bespoke beard oil: How does it work?

Choose your vegetable oils and select the essential oils
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We are the only ones on the beard oil market to propose to create your own beard oil.

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