Ylang Ylang Beard Oil


Man’s beard oil with organic essential oils is a floral and exotic concentrate with relaxing and regenerating properties.
A must for hair care, this beard oil is perfect to make your hair tonic and shiny when it lacks vitality.

The 100% natural vegetable oil of grape seed and apricot kernel rich in Omega 6, Omega 9 and vitamin E, makes it a soothing and protective beard oil for your hair and skin. Capacity: 30ml

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Who is this beard oil for?


You proudly wear a beard, a moustache or even both, but you don't take care of them yet? There is still time to be grateful for this beautiful facial hair that Nature has spoiled you. By choosing to take care of your beard with our organic Ylang Ylang Ylang essential oil beard oil, you ensure a perfect combination of masculinity and softness.

Ylang Ylang is a tree that originates in the primary tropical forests of Southeast Asia and is grown mainly on the tropical islands of the Indian Ocean. Feeding your beard with our Ylang Ylang beard oil means returning to the roots and feeling human for the duration of a treatment completely dedicated to your beard. The power of its camphorated and spicy flowers will only delight men like you in search of virility.

In Indonesia, the bed of the newlyweds is traditionally covered with the elegant yellow flowers of Ylang Ylang. Maybe you'll find your soul mate thanks to this beard oil from the Green brothers. If you and your beard are looking for love with a big A, you need the Green Brothers beard oil.

Composition of Ylang ylang beard oil

Apricot kernel vegetable oil
Grape seed vegetable oil
Ylang ylang organic essential oil

The benefits of Ylang ylang beard oil

RELAXANT beard oil
Beard oil for dry hair

The Green brothers' application advice

Pour a few drops of beard oil on your hands, massage your beard and enjoy the benefits

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