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Organic monoi beard oil is an ideal care product to deeply nourish dry hair and dehydrated skin. It gives your beard and face a satiny complexion and restores shine and suppleness to your coat.

Virgin coconut oil is pressed from the fresh coconut pulp and naturally brings its sublime island floral scent to your beard. Tiare flower beard oil is specially designed for very sensitive skin. The Green brothers’ beard oil is composed solely of vegetable oils, without essential oils. Composed of grape seed oil, rich in vitamin E and apricot kernel oil rich in vitamins E and A, this beard oil illuminates your face and gives you eternal youth. Capacity: 30ml

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Are you a man with a beard or a moustache who wants to leave a sweet summer scent in his wake?
You are looking for a 100% natural beard oil, made in France to take care of your beloved beard. With a few drops of our organic monoi beard oil, you allow your beard to fight extreme temperatures that no other beard can withstand. Your beard protects your skin and our oil protects your beard, nourishes it and makes it silky.
Say goodbye to painful underskin hair and unwanted impurities! Make these ladies (or gentlemen) want to come and get some holidays in your beautiful beard. With Tiare flower beard oil, summer lasts longer on your face and allows you to combine care with pleasure. If this fragrance makes you want to, you may also like organic vanilla beard oil.

The tiare, this small shrub from Tahiti, a faithful ally of the Vahines, has many virtues. Tiare oil has a relaxing effect, it protects the skin against external aggressions, at sea and in the sun it even allows you to prolong your tan.

If you and your beard love holidays, the sun and the beach, it's the Green brothers' organic monoï beard oil you need!

Mono beard oil composition

Vegetable oil of apricot kernelVegetable oil of grape seedOrganic vegetable oil: tiare flower (Monoï)

The benefits of monoï beard oil

RELAXANT beard oil
HYDRATING beard oil
PAISANT beard oil

The Green brothers' application advice

Pour a few drops of beard oil into your hands and give your beard a second life by massaging it from root to tip.

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