Coffret pour homme sensible

Gift box : Sensitive man


Does your favorite man love his beard or mustache more than anything? This is the gift set for men who love to take care of their beard.

This gift set is composed of 3 beard oils, all with organic essential oils and vegan certified vegetable oils.

A boxed set of beard oils for sensitive men and even others.


Who is this men’s gift box for?

This men’s gift set is composed of three beard oils with sweet, fruity and floral scents.

The Sensitive Man gift set is for men who like to have a choice.

If you are looking for a gift for your man and you want the best for his beard, the Green Brothers men’s gift box is the one for you.

Composition of the box

Vanilla Beard Oil 30mlGrapefruit Beard Oil 30mlYlang Ylang Beard Oil 30ml

The benefits of the box: Sensitive Man

This set is suitable for all beards, even the most sensitive ones.

Tips to give him this gift

Offer it with the heart!

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